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Summer has come!

2009-07-05 05:26:55 by sandnutz

Well, the summer is here. This is the time to sleep to 11 AM, stay up late, and do WHATEVER YOU WANT...
Yesterday I goed skateboarding like 11 PM. That was fun. I live in a small suburb and there is like no cars :)

I will post something soon. But what it is, is a secret :)



2009-06-23 07:14:19 by sandnutz

I have just submitted an picture to the art portal. I haven't finded it there yet so i can't link it to you guys.
I'm sorry for that, BUT you can see it here on my account. Thats kinda awsome. I really hope you guys like it. It didn't took a long time but i'm proud of it. Hope you like it... :D



2009-05-28 12:12:54 by sandnutz

Hallo Every1! This is mah first lil' post on NG. :D I just saw sumthin' total ass-kickin' mega supa awsome.
Mah fovurite NG artist, tha creator of Spewer, is working on a game called "Hitlers Must Die!".
that's awsome!
Remember that spam sucks.
Good Bloody Bye!